We have a very exciting year ahead. We will have some fundraisers that will go directly towards the booster account, some that will be split between boosters and the student’s account. We encourage you and your student to sign up for as many fundraisers as possible, even if you feel it will not directly affect your student’s account. The booster’s account goes not only towards keeping the band fees cost down, but also keeping the band program the high quality program it has been, by offsetting the costs that are constantly increasing.

Each student in the band program has a student account. In these accounts point balances are carried which can be used to cover expenses for band activities and expenses. Such items include travel expenses, band equipment in certain circumstances and several other areas. Points may NOT be used to pay for private lessons or instrument purchase. Profit from individual fundraising is deposited as points directly into the student accounts.

Check your student account at https://www.charmsoffice.com.


Have an idea for a Fundraiser? Start here…

  • We welcome your ideas on ways to raise funds for our bands program.
  • Submit the completed Band Boosters Fundraiser Submission Form and details to the Band Booster Board for consideration.
  • Once approved by the Booster Board, Indian River/Fund Raising Approval Form MUST BE FILLED-OUT and SUBMITTED TO THE OFFICE for review and possible approval.


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